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Jamie as a child
Jamie's childhood home
Jamie Bernstein is the author of the story and song Black Santa. He first became visible in the New Orleans entertainment scene as a spoken word poet performing throughout the city before the turn of the century. In 2009, Jamie released his first album Songs from the Tree of Life.

He is excited to be releasing his 2nd album Very Same Dream in January 2011.

In November 2008, New Orleans permanent transplant, Jamie Bernstein formed the band J. the Savage. His experiences living off of the grid in West Virginia during the late 1970s led to a unique world view which he expresses in his original songs. The music created in J. the Savage Band is a careful combination of Jamie's West Virginian mountain music roots, and his love for his home in New Orleans, Louisiana. His lyric driven-music is truly American, combining deep south roots of jazz, blues, and R&B music with the themes and song structures of Jamie's Appalachian childhood. He has been called the "Cajun Lou Reed".

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